All Dolled Up

What’s the best present any little girl could ask for? Some would say a brand new doll, while others would say a smashing birthday bash. Mishka here, got both! From miniature doll houses to life-sized ones, this terrific birthday party has got us all wishing we were five again! I’ve been swooning over Little J Photo‘s shots of this dream party and I still haven’t gotten my mind out of the clouds!

What we’re digging:

  • I would live in this party if I could! Passion Cooks Catering definitely did an exceptionally amazing job with this set-up! The life-sized doll houses were complete with details like balconies with potted flowers!
  • The chairs were also all dolled up for this cutesy little party. The Tiffany chairs with brown frills totally worked it.
  • Each table was beautifully set with the most gorgeous looking centrepieces of miniature houses with little dress-up paper dolls. I don’t think any little girl was able to eat without being distracted by those tiny things!

Photographer: Little J Photo / Event Stylist and Caterer: Passion Cooks Catering

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