Dreams and Wishes

I can tell you from the start that this post is a special one because it’s all about dreaming big! Unlike the typical family photo sessions we see held inside studios, little Willow’s was a lot more imaginative. Filled with books and dreams, the Santos’ family portraits captured by Caslow Lifestyle Photography were just lovely beyond words. In this set, you’ll see how the small props of books, mini lace tent, and oil lanterns transformed Sierra Madre Resort into a place where dreams and fantasies exist! Totally inspiring, right? Enjoy the rest of the set here!

What we’re digging:

  • The pretty tent, of course! We’d like a D.I.Y. tutorial please!
  • Cutie Willow is sooo adorable in her pink dress and flower crown! Gosh, this kid is beauty and brains! Just look at all those books!
  • The happy and loving vibe the Santos family has! What a wonderful family!

Photography: Caslow Photography / Venue: Sierra Madre Resort

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