24 D.I.Y. Party Decor Ideas

Are you ready to release the inner crafty Martha Stewart in you? We sure are! Today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite D.I.Y. decor ideas for whatever party you want to host! So whether it’s a kiddie birthday party, baby shower, or even just a simple get-together, check out the rest of this post for some easy D.I.Y. inspirations you will surely love!

1. It might look intimidating, but believe me, making paper fans is such a breeze to do! I totally love this paper fan wall idea! More of this idea here and here!

[Photo: Little People Lifestyle Photography and Catilo Photography]


2. How about this ceiling decor? Buy colorful pastel lanterns, pop those cones, voila! You have yourself an ice cream party!

[Photo: Contact Live Photography]


3. You can never go wrong with burlap! Check out how Mommy Chieng reused this old bottle to create a pretty centerpiece for a pretty picnic party!

[Photo: Nicolas Photography]


4. Personalizing anything makes the world a better place, in my opinion! Check out these water bottles! More of this party right here!

[Photo: Jamie & Baby Lifestyle Photography]


5. Confetti balloons make for a fun and festive party!

[Photo: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography]


6. Considering a cookies and milk party? We love this milk bottle design idea!

[Photo: Stellar Shots Photography]

7. Setting up a S’mores bar will be as easy as pie! Check out how this wonderful family did it in their shoot here!

[Photo: Z Shots]


8. A pop-up dinosaur party invitation? Sounds roarin’ fun! See the tutorial over here.


9. You can also use doilies and brown paper bags for your favors packaging! No need to go to any craft store, just go to your nearest supermarket, grab those two materials, and you’re good to go!


10. Celebrate your baby’s little achievements by showcasing it through a baby facts board! Check ’em out here and here.

[Photos: Little J Photography and MR Villar]


11. These paper roses are too pretty for words! See more of this party over here.

[Photo: Rated Love Photography]


12. Check out these neat popcorn bags! I love this idea! See more here.

[Photo: Little J Photography]


13. Another way of showcasing your baby’s precious moments would be this! I totally adore this umbrella frame! See more of this rainy party here!

[Photo: Reflective Chemistry]


14. How about a D.I.Y. gumball machine for a diner party? Paint a claypot, flip it over, and top it off with a fish bowl! Now that’s how you do it!

[Photo: Little J Photography]


15. Here’s another one–stencil-painted burlap favor bags! Painting them over can also be a fun activity to do with the kiddos!


16. This photobooth idea is genius! No need for an elaborate photo booth backdrop!

[Photo: Pinwheel Crafts & Events]
17. Do you want that vintage Mexican feel for your party? How about printing out vintage can designs and pasting it over some tin cans? It’s perfect for centerpieces!

[Photo: Nicolas Photography]


18. How about some handcrafted umbrella favors? This is such a genius idea! I wonder what’s in it? Hmmm. Nonetheless, it’s completely perfect for a rain-themed party!!!

[Photo: Little J Photography]


19. Customized chocolate bar labels for the godparents? What a neat idea! See more of this here!

[Photo: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography]


20. Let me tell you, washi tapes and wooden utensils make for a great pair! Check out more of this idea here in this lush enchanted garden party!

[Photo: Little J Photography]


21. Making a tassel garland for any party is an absolute yes for me! Combine lots of different colors and you’ve got yourself a gurrreat colorful party!

[Photo: Camille King Photography]


22. The only hard task about this craft is the cutting part, but I wouldn’t mind doing it if it will look this pretty!!! Aaahhh the cutest! See more of this under the sea party right here!

[Photo: Shutter Panda Photography]


23. Plates used as frames? Now that is D.I.Y. genius! See this sweet shoppe party here 

[Photo: Marc Zubiri]


24.  And if you’re thinking of something simple to add to your chairs, why not try this neat decor hack! More of this dainty tea time party over here!

[Photo: Bea Caisip Photography]


There you have it, darlings! We hope this post inspired you to do some D.I.Y. crafts of your own!

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