Pixel Perfect

What do you get when you combine legendary and ultra cool? This!!! Little J Photography just took us along in a new and exciting world! Crafted by the amazing Gideon Hermosa, Santino’s blockbuster Minecraft party is jam-packed with all the video game elements that make it quite a stunner: the greenery, TNTs, cubes, creepers, and dirt blocks! Aaahhh! I bet this is going to leave every tot bugging their mommas! Hurry up and start digging your way down, folks!

What we’re digging:

  • The hanging creepers and blocks!!! They look like they’re on fly mode!
  • I think we need to hit respawn ’cause those bottles of healing potion are unbelievably creative! I heard potions are a big deal!
  • More-than-adequate supplies for the tummies, check! And they look yummy too! How cute are those in-theme names for each one of them?!
  • Those Minecraft stools are exploding with cuteness!!! Where can I get one for myself? Gee, that’s super!

Photographer: Little J Photography / Event Stylist: Gideon Hermosa / Venue: Blueleaf / Coordinator: Teena Barretto

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