Superb Sesame Street Party

Any sane person who has watched Sesame Street would agree with me when I say that this show is the bomb! I loved seeing this friendly crew do their daily antics, and today I get to see it all over again thanks to MR Villar and Party Bitz and Pieces! Ethan looked like he had a way-too-awesome party with all the sweet treats, colorful decor, and Sesame Street characters everywhere–I had fun just by looking at the photos! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the full set!

What we’re digging:

  • How ’bout we start with the theme? This Sesame Street theme just makes me oh-so-happy!
  • All the sweets in the dessert spread are ridiculously cute! Those cookies, cakepops, marshmallow pops… oh my gosh, I can go on and on!
  • That table centerpiece setup is adorbs too! I like how they personalized it to “Ethan Street”!
  • Those Big Bird stuffed toys as favors! Ahhh, Can I have one too?
  • And how can I not mention those two birthday cakes!? Yes, two utterly precious birthday cakes for baby Ethan!

Photographer: MR Villar / Stylist: Party Bitz and Pieces / Caterer: The Urban Feast

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