Brilliant Disney Princess-Inspired Cakes That Are Too Pretty To Eat: Part 2

So last week we showed you guys the first part of our Disney Princess Cake series. Today, we’re ready to give you the second installment! From a Merida-inspired dessert spread, to the colors of the wind, here are five Disney Princess-Inspired cakes you definitely want to see right this instant! Enjoy!

Merida of Brave by Cottontail Cake Studio



Cinderella by Tazzy Cakes




Ariel of Little Mermaid by Whipped by Diane


Pocahontas by Lovelots Cakes


Snow White by The Sucrerie

Don’t forget to tell us your favorite Disney Princess cake in the comment box below!

Photographer: Team Benitez / Calligrapher: Anina Rubio / Merida of Brave: Cottontail Cake Studio / Cinderella: Tazzy Cakes / Ariel of Little Mermaid: Whipped by Diane / Pocahontas: Lovelots Cakes / Snow White: The Sucrerie

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