26 Drool-worthy Cakes That Are Too Awesome For Words

Nowadays, children’s parties are getting more and more exciting, extraordinary, and super creative. And here at Baby and Breakfast, we’ve been up on our toes every time show-stealer cakes swoop in our doors–some are just waaay beyond perfection! So, if you are looking for the perfect and most awesome cake to help you plan your next party, or perhaps just to have something to drool over, you MUST see these favorites that we’ve rounded up for you! Have fun, loves!

1. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, step right up to this dainty carnival-themed party you wouldn’t want to miss!

[Cake: Cottontail Cake Studio / Photo: 5th Door Productions]


2. Or perhaps you’re in the mood to harvest some fresh party finds? Why not hop in with us to this farm-themed party!

[Cake: Cottontail Cake Studio / Photo: Little People Lifestyle Photography]


3. Now I know why Alice just couldn’t resist to take a bite! Check out this whimsical cake here!

[Cake: Isabel Pinili / Photo: Joselle Amahit]


4. How about a visit to the museum? This Van Gogh Party is as starry as can be!

[Cake: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse / Photo: JR Torres Photography]


5. Do you scream for ice cream? A big YES! Come and catch the ice cream truck with us in this sweet party!

[Photo: Little People Photography]


6. When you have a cake like in this birthday bash, you definitely won’t wanna ever grow up! This one just had a lot of pixie dust, if you ask me!

[Cake: Cottontail Cake Studio / Photo: Cre8tive Minds Media Productions]


7. Retro + Diner + Cath Kidston = PERFECTION. This unique party is something you gotta see!

[Cake: Sugarplum Pastries / Photo: Happy Folks Studio]


8. Awww. Now how about this über cute pilot flying our way? Let me grab my stuff and catch this terrific trip!

[Cake: Regine’s Homemade Goodies / Photo: Harry Lim Photography]


9. But then… who ever said we can only have one?!? This woodland birthday bash is beyond words amazing!

[Cake: Cakeshop by Sonja / Photo: Nicolas Photography & Videography]


10. Alert! Alert! Alert! Geekiness ahead in this out-of-this-planet party! Drool over it, you must!

[Photo: JR Torres Photography]


11. And when you can’t choose which is sweetastically the best to have as your cake, why not all? I bet this party got everyone on a sugar high with that gravity-defying cake.

[Cake: Michelle Teves of Coco Cakes / Photo: Little People Lifestyle Photography]


12. School just got cooler with this ridiculously cute cake! Hurry up and take a peek inside this party before the bell rings!

[Cake: Sweet Creations by Mums / Photo: Anthony Co]


13. Calling all Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fans! If this isn’t the most precious cake ever, I don’t know what is! Even Gandalf made sure to swing by this enchanted party.

[Cake: Sugarplum Pastries / Photo: Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation]


14. When in doubt, go floral! This gorgeous garden party is all things lovely, just like your little darling!

[Cake: Regine’s / Photography: Shutter Panda Photography]


15. How about this awesome cake that’s perfect for your mini artist? This colorful party is definitely painting the town red, blue, and all sorts of wonderful!

[Cake: Marta’s Cakes / Photo: Little People Photography]


16. Or remember the time we were rescued from party planning stress by a ka-POW and a BAM of this Superhero-themed cake?

[Cake: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse / Photo: Little People Photography]


17. Then we also got stunned by this intricately detailed Disney Princess-inspired cake! Can you guess which Disney princess is the star of this one? Click here and here to see the full fantastic set!

[Cake: Cottontail Cake Studio / Photo: Team Benitez]


18. Care for a cup of tea? I think I just saw Belle eying this lovely tea time party!

[Cake: Sugarplum Pastries / Photo: Bea Caisip]


19. If you’re about to head on over to this hippiest fête, make sure to prepare your grooviest moves first!

[Cake: The Cake Shack Factory / Photo: The Little Ones by Fuguwi Collective]


20. Yep, we pretty much stared at this boho party‘s masterpiece all morning long… *Sigh*

[Cake: Cakeshop by Sonja / Photo: Nicolas Photography/Videography]


21. The possibilities are just endless! I’m sure Pooh would’ve loved to be in this honey-sweet bee-day!

[Cake: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse / Photo: Little People Lifestyle Photography]


22. Did you wish upon a star for a dreamy cake? This ombre masterpiece is definitely the real thing! See this starry affair here.

[Cake: Sugarplum Pastries / Photo: Anthony Co Photography and Teampin Photography]


23. We love the adventure that awaits us in the jungle… so we had an idea to tag our friends and whip up this totally cool Geometric Safari-themed editorial!

[Cake: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse / Photo: Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings]


24. How about this Sylvanian Families-inspired party‘s slab of goodness? It kinda makes me miss those afternoons spent redecorating my doll house over and over again. Gosh!

[Cake: Regine’s Home Baked Goodies / Photo: Shutter Panda Photography]


25. While some cakes… let’s just say they are too high too reach, literally! And did we mention that it reveals a chocolate fountain inside? Oh no, I think I’m getting a swoon attack from this party… help!!!

[Cake: Joy San Gabriel / Photo: Nice Print Photography]


26. But of course, it doesn’t mean that we love this party‘s naked cake any less. As honest as this cake, I think they’re so delightful and an equally tasteful concoction!

[Cake: Nikki B. Cakes / Photo: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee]


So, did you count how many times you’ve caught that swoon attack we’ve been talking about? Don’t forget to let us know your pick too!


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