Coachella Chicas

Hey there, pretties! Ready your flower crowns, sunnies, and boho chic outfits as we party with the Kings today! Dreamers and lovers of chill days must’ve been as pumped up as we are, seeing what Mommy Michaela of Twinhouse Creatives whipped up for her flower children–talk about jamming with a live band! So if you wanna know what we’re singing about, I won’t keep you waiting anymore! Drop the ukulele beat and radiate the positive vibes, folks!

What we’re digging:

  • I think boho cakes can never be less than delightful! This one, spun by Tazzy Cakes, is both edgy and chic.
  • I am astonished by how their mom fantastically styled the whole thing! The printed carpets, backdrop, centerpieces, feathers and flowers… actually, everything!!!
  • A hundred hugs to Shutter Panda Photography for capturing every single detail of this fun Coachella music fest for us!
  • And of course, we love the special participation of those twinsies in making their own piñatas! Hmm… I can feel little stylists in the making!

Photographer: Shutter Panda Photography / Styling by Twinhouse Creatives / Venue: Andrea North Towers Clubhouse / Catering: Beth Carandang / Cake: Tazzy Cakes / Cupcakes: Sandy Rimando / Cookies: Shoppersville Bakeshop / Munchkins: Dunkin’ Donuts / Ice Cream Cart: Carly’s Homemade / Balloon Twister: Sir Butchie and Wife / Live Band: Ecoustic Soul / Game Master: April Garcia

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