22 Utterly Delightful Dessert Tables

It is true that we all have different interests in this life, but I’m confident that you will all raise your forks in agreement with me when I say we all have one, united passion: dessert! That’s why we have compiled our most favorite dessert tables for us all to swoon over together, and let me tell you–our sweet teeth have never felt greater joy! Prepare your forks, everyone! It’s time to treat yourself!

1. A pink snowman, glitter, and Christmas lights? Can this be my party?

[Backdrop and Styling: The Events Studio / Photographer: Adrian Ardiente]


2. This town ain’t big enough for the both of us…unless you have dessert, then you’re more than welcome! This wild west party is all kinds of cute!


[Event Stylist: Passion Cooks Catering / Dessert Buffet: Sugarhouse and Cookierrific / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography]


3. There are some things you never get over, and the styling of this enchanted woodland-themed party is definitely one of them. Look at those spiral staircases and cupboards!


[Event Stylist: Party Magic / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography]


4. We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine! The theme of this yellow submarine party is so creative. Don’t you love what was used for a table, and that cute bunting?

[Event Stylist: De Plan V ]


5. The sweet pastels in this under the sea party have me singing! Such wonderful things around you, what more is you looking for? <Dan dan!> Under the sea, under the sea! Oh, come on, we know you sang it in your head!

[Event Stylist and Desserts: One Sweet Day Ph / Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography]


6. How about some adorable diner dessert? This party is so delightfully 1950s. Break out the jukebox!

[Stylist: Mommy Monica of Homemade Parties and Ninang Marian Rios]


7. Doesn’t this prima ballerina birthday deserve a standing ovation? This dessert spread is so lovely, and the best part is there’s so much of it! Hooray!

[Event Stylist: Luxe Parties / Photographer: Den Llanos Dee]


8. This modern safari birthday is packed with sleek neutral colors, and a stampede of cute desserts. We’re sold!

[Event Stylist: Party Deco / Photographer: Ty Cruz]


9. I’ll admit I let way too many “awww’s” escape me with this one! Isn’t this parisian baptism so sweet? Every bonbon table deserves its own banner!

[Event Stylist: Little Matters / Photographer: Den Llanos Dee]


10. If you’re feeling artsy, this Andy Warhol-inspired dessert table has you in for a sweet, visual feast!

[Dessert Table: LA Party Stylists / Photographer: Gremly Media]


10. Okay, hands up if this “It’s a small world” spread is one of the most charming things you’ve ever seen! I’d be so intent on not messing it up, I’d almost not want to eat from it! Note the “almost”

[Event Stylist: Barbie Pardo / Photographer: Little People Lifestyle Photography]


11. This Tom Saywer and Huckleberry Finn treats table made me catch my breath. Charming, classic, and done with love.

[Event Stylist: Patty Smith of Sweet Treat Stands / Photographer: Wendhy Jeffers Photography]

12. Monsters have never looked so cute and tasty! These vibrant monster desserts in eye-popping colors will have everyone jumping with delight, not fright!

[Event Stylist: Alice’s Wonderland]


13. If these sweets are as good as they look, eating from this dessert table would probably be as awesome as having a summer in the hamptons!

[Event Stylist: Kaye Garcia / Photographer: Eddie Boy Escudero]


14. Oh, boy! This Mickey Mouse-themed party is just brimming with nostalgia and style, with a dessert spread to match.  Don’t you love how the setup is so vintage?

[Event Stylist: Party Magic]


15. Basing a party on the classic Super Mario game turned out to be so darling! Everything looks so inviting. Don’t you just want to reach in and grab the tasty looking mushrooms?

[Catering and Styling: Passion Cooks / Photographer: Nicolas Photography/Videography]


16. If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then I’m sure a lot of dreams came true in this stunning Cinderella party. These details are remarkable!

[Event Stylist: Khim Cruz of Party Deco]


17. Dainty, darling, and delectable. What a gorgeous Parisian birthday party. Bon Appetit!

[Event Stylist: Luxe Parties / Photographer: Little People Lifestyle Photography]


18. This Le Petit Prince party is the definition of gorgeous. What a stunning spread to take in while munching on those tantalizing goodies.

[Event Stylist: Party Magic]


19. It’s hard to believe that this Retro Diner dessert table is a dessert table at all! Isn’t it so imaginative how it it looks like a quirky little kitchen?

[Catering and Styling: Passion Cooks / Dessert Buffet Set Up: Sparkle + Twinkle / Photographers: Happy Folks Studio]


20. Sunny day, chasing the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweeeeet! And sweet it is, indeed! This Sesame Street party makes us all kinds of happy!

[Event Stylist: Party Bitz and Pieces / Photographer: MR Villar]


21. We’re gonna go close to home and offer something wacky and different with this geometric safari party! The bold colors and shapes definitely make for a super cool dessert table!

[Set Stylist: Blue Trumpet / Photographer: Den Llanos Dee of Delightful Little Darlings]


22. Looking at the dessert table from this farm themed party, one word comes to mind: artistry. Who else thinks this spread belongs in a museum?  Just look at that hanging cake, and those hanging flowers! Beautiful!

[Event Sylist: Mommy Kaye Garcia / Photographer: Little People Lifestyle Photography]


So, are you convinced that the dessert table is the best part of any party? Join the club! Let us know which one got you itching to decorate your own table of treats… or which one got you the hungriest! Let’s make every day happy dessert day!

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