A Robot Rush

Ready your tools and gear, everyone! Jaime is upgrading to 2.0 and we’re pretty much loving every single bit of it! From the themed sweets to the props–every detail was so spot on! We’d have to thank Khim Cruz of Party Deco for this styling showcase because this party sure looked like so much fun! Not to mention that cake and all the robots that filled the venue. Sigh. If this is how Manic Mondays are like, sign us up please! We hope you have a great day ahead!

What we’re digging:

  • The theme! I also love how they used the term “Jaime is upgrading to 2.0!” Way to keep up with the theme!
  • The color combination. The mix of orange, yellow, gray and blue is such a soothing palette to look at!
  • Those cupcakes and cake pops that are just too cute for words!!!
  • And don’t even get me started on that fab dessert spread! Jaime sure is one lucky boy for this fantastic and futuristic setup!

Stylist: Khim Cruz of Party Deco / Venue: West EmpireDessert and cake: Maya Verga of Sweet Heaven / Prints: Party Deco

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