24 Ideas For a Fantastically Fun Party

You’ve set the date, invited the guests, and you’ve got all your style details down to a T. The only thing left is figuring out what your guests are going to do! Entertaining an army of tots has never been an easy task, but it sure can be a simple one when you think like a kid! And the kid within each of us knows that the the most memorable parties are the fun ones! So we’ve compiled  a bunch of fun ideas that might help spark your party-planning… and be ready, because it might just bring out the kid in you, too!


1. You can never go wrong with a bubble show, because who doesn’t like bubbles? Admit it, standing inside a bubble was, and still is, the most incredible thing ever.

Photographer: Dusteinsibug Photography / Entertainment: Zacky Balloons


2. Why not have some live book-reading at your party? It’s so fun and interactive, and you can entertain and educate at the same time!


Photographer: Foreveryday Photography / Entertainment: Adarna House


3. Treat the girls to their very own spa day! You can be certain the little ladies will never forget their R&R day.

Photographer: Zeus Martinez / Venue: Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar


4. You just can’t deny that legos are addictively fun. I think even adults will get competitive building things from a great big lego pit!

Photographer: Team Benitez / Building Block Tables: Smart Play


5. Okay, you’re lying if you say that the sight of these giant lawn games wouldn’t send you into an uncontrollable spiral of excitement. Aren’t they so cool? It’s a great way to get the kids out of their seats, too!

Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Lawn Giant Games: Superzsizedph / Rodeo Bull Ride: Party Station



6. Who wouldn’t want their favorite disney princesses, movie characters, and superheroes at their birthday party? I know I would! And I wouldn’t hesitate to give them lots of enthusiastic hugs, either!


Entertainment: Clowning Around Manila (first picture) & Madison Events (second picture)


7. Have kids get crafty at the party with their own take home creations. It’s also a great way to combine party games and party favors!

Photographer: Foreveryday Photography / Jewelry: Give Into the Glitter


8. Try setting up fun cardboard standees for lots of laughs and memorable photos.

Photographer: Brian Fontanilla of Chapter One Studios / Event Stylist: Fiddy Ganzon-Ofrecio and Chrissy Borneofor


9. How about go-carts for the more adventurous celebrants? This would probably keep the kids entertained for hours!

Photographer: Ethan Vincent Photography


10. You could also try letting the kids create their own works of art like at this Van Gogh party and Japanese party! Don’t they look so proud of their work?

Photographer: JR Torres Photography / Entertainment and Host: My Masterpiece (Van Gogh Party) & Photographer: Den Llanos Dee / Activities and Crafts: Provenance 1800 (Japanese Sumo Party)


11. Something for those aspiring Robin Hoods, Meridas, and Katniss Everdeens out there! How about incorporating some archery into the party set up?

Styling: Luxe Parties


12. The little Einsteins and masterminds at the party won’t be able to pick up their jaws if you build them their very own laboratory! This is a great way to incorporate something educational into the celebration, too!

Photographer: Happy Folks Studio / Event Stylist: Kaye Garcia / Magician: Chayno


13. You can’t go wrong with your own little boxing ring! Isn’t it so cute? I can only imagine the amount of little (and not-so-little) boys bounding over to take pictures.

Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee / Event Stylist: She Dreams In Ink


14. Okay, making your party guests their own little cardboard city is just too cool. Brings us right back to the making-rocket-ships-out-of-boxes days, doesn’t it?

Event Stylist: Pinwheel Crafts and Events


15. Set up some ridiculously stylish game booths. Your guests will never run out of things to do and prizes to win.

Photographer: Adrian Ardiente Photography / Event Stylist: Bespoke Manila


16. Everyone loves a good movie screening (especially if it’s this classy)! Set up a theme-appropriate movie, some pillows and popcorn, and you’re set!

Photographer: Happy Folks Studio / LED Wall: Mr. Rowell Octavio


17. Food trucks are always fun…and not to mention yummy!

Event Stylist: Luxe Parties


18. Keep it close to home with a whole lot of classic Filipino game goodness. Things like pabitin and paagaw never get old!

Photographer: Erickson Floresca / Event Stylist: Shaena Manzano


19. Keep things casual and outdoorsy with tents. Kids think they’re awesome (you know you used to make them with bedsheets) and they make for great photos. Best part is, you can dress them up and make them girly or keep them tribal and boyish.

Photographer: Studio XOXO / Event Stylist: She Dreams In Ink (first photo) & Photographer: Shutter Panda Photography and Nicolas Photography / Event Stylist: Passion Cooks Catering (second photo)


20. It’s undeniable that mechanical horses are really, really cool. Something tells me the grown-ups were jealous of the kids at this party!

Photographer: Nice Print Photography / Mechanical Horse: Fun Ranch Tiendesitas


21. Cookie and cake decorating is an adorable way of getting everyone to show their colors and participate.

Photographer: Little People Lifestyle Photography / Entertainment: My Masterpiece Movement


21. Paper dolls and felt dolls are super easy and crafty, too. Girls at the party–kids and adults–will be so enchanted by their little creations. Doll-making is so versatile in terms on theme, too!

Photographer: Shutter Panda Photography / D.I.Y. Sylvanian Toys: La Belle Fete Weddings and Events (felt dolls) & Photographer: I-One Media Production (paper dolls)


22. Allow your guests to drop messages and wishes in jars throughout the party. It’s a great thing to look through once the party’s over, too!

Photographer: Ryan Alvarez / Event Stylist: Let Agnes Be Design Studio


23. How about having your guests play digging games like at this rock party? Who else thinks this would be so much fun at a dinosaur or pirate’s treasure party, too?

Photographer: Jamie Lihan of Imagine Nation


24. Nothing’s better than a bubbly (or should i say balloon-y) host! Balloon creations are fun to watch getting made, and even better to take home!


Photographer: Retrieved from Amos’ 1st Birthday / Entertainment: Jiggles the Balloon Lady


What got you wanting to jump out of your chair the most? Let us know if you have any party ideas, or if there are any other ways we can help with your planning! We hope there’s something on the list the guests–or you–will have fun doing! Have fun, kids and kids at heart!


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