Geometrically Gorgeous

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And it couldn’t be more truer with Penelope’s pretty pink party drizzled with a lot of those! Let Agnes Be Design Studio crafted little Penny the most chic party we’ve ever laid our eyes on! And it’s totally perfect from all angles possible–I’m not even hexaggerating! Thanks Shutter Panda Photography for giving us a 360° view of this funky fête! Happy Tuesday, loves!

What we’re digging:

  • The cool geometric theme, you bet! It’s just so unique and refreshing to see! And with some tinkering, this simple affair turned out so beautiful!
  • Actually, the overall styling–from the stage, honeycomb lanterns, motif and color palette, down to the tiniest geometric detail–deserves two thumbs up! The paper buntings scream, “FUN!!!” from end to end!
  • And those sugar cookies that look so precious like jewels! So adorbs!
  • Oh, and one more thing! Penny looks equally gorgeous in her classy ensemble. What a pretty headband you have there, missy!

Photographer: Shutter Panda Photography / Event Stylist:  Let Agnes Be Design Studio

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