Military Madness

Attention! It’s time to report for duty because Sergeant Gideon is turning one! With Mommy Joanna and Daddy Levi sprucing up the venue (yuuup, it’s a D.I.Y. party!), it’s no wonder that Gideon had a grand time training all his soldiers! So, what are you waiting for? Round up the troops and get marching to this party! Can I hear a “Sir, yes, sir!”? Thank you Shotglass Photography for this adorable and fun set! Enjoy!

What we’re digging:

  • The fact this it’s a D.I.Y. affair makes it all the more fun! We just love all the effort that was put in by both the parents!
  • The birthday family’s army outfit! Talk about getting right in theme!
  • All those toy soldiers scattered around the dessert table are just too freaking adorable!
  • And how about that real green toy soldier man? Now that’s just fantastic!

Photographer: Shotglass Photography / Venue: Amistosa Clubhouse, Tierra Nueva Village Alabang / Decor: D.I.Y. by Gideon’s Parents / Cake Baker: Fluffy Sweets / Caterer: Cocooro Catering / Magician: Dantrose / Planner: Jade Herrera

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