Fucidin: A Mom’s Best Friend

I’m eight months pregnant, and we’re so excited that we’re having another boy! (Hurray!) Matti is so thrilled that he’s going to be a big brother. Wow, I can just imagine the craziest times I’m gonna have with them. Matti is already four years old, and he is just full of life! He’s constantly running, jumping, and tumbling around.


And for moms, you all know that whether you have a girl or a boy, your kids are most likely to get a wound at one point or another. It totally breaks my heart when my child comes to me in tears after a fall. But thankfully, Matti has understood that when he gets a wound, we just need to take out the first aid kit so we can put something to help it heal faster.


Now, we stop worrying about his wound the moment we put Fucidin®. I just wanted to share this to my fellow mommies since this antibacterial ointment works wonders! And as a mom, any small victory is a VICTORY!

Here’s a few tips we can give on using this product:

For proper wound care, it’s important to stop the bleeding first before even cleaning it. Make sure your hands are clean and washed too before attending to your child’s wound.

After cleaning the wound, remember the acronym M.C.D.O. at all times. When wound looks a bit moist, use Fucidin cream. For dry wounds, use Fucidin ointment! Now, isn’t that a nifty acronym?

Make sure to apply only a thin layer of the ointment/cream. Just enough to keep the wound moist and protected from bacteria.

It’s also important to put adhesive or sterile bandages for bigger wounds after applying the product. Oh, and don’t forget to change the dressing daily or when it becomes a bit dirty!

Product: Fucidin® by LEO Pharma™ / Digital Partner: PurpleBug®

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