Pretties in Pajamas

Nothing brightens up our day more than a little friendship, a little sparkle, and a little fun… make that a lot of fun! Today’s party from Little People Photography leaves me (and will probably leave you) with a bunch of thoughts. First of all, you’re probably gonna want to get in your favorite pair of jammies. Secondly, you may seriously consider pitching a tent in your bedroom just because it’s adorable. Thirdly, you’ll want to invite your best girlfriends over for an awesome sleepover–I know I did!

What we’re digging:

  • Take a look at these sweets! The Noodle Bakes and Pouf Cotton Candy seem to have dished out all the best dishes! What’s a pajama party without the snacks, right? Plus, who else got the instant urge to decorate cupcakes?
  • Aren’t you just in love with the concept? It’s a sleepover, a camping trip, a tea party, and a girls’ hangout, all wrapped up together in a fun color scheme that isn’t shy about purple! We think it’s purple-pefect!
  • Adriana opted to to invite just seven of her besties to celebrate her birthday with her, making it a very intimate celebration. It’s easy to see from the pictures that Adriana knew her friends well enough to know that even just seven of them could have enough fun for ten parties! This is a pajama posse we’d definitely want to be part of!

Photographer: Little People Photography / Event Stylist and Coordinator: Kaye Garcia / Cotton Candy: Pouf Cotton Candy / Cakes and Sweets: Sam of The Noodle Bakes

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