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A birthday party theme that beautifully combines education and fun is always a massive yes, and today’s post from Little People Lifestyle Photography will have you wanting to open all your birthday presents as well as all your books! This mammoth cake alone is enough to get anyone excited, but trust us: there’s way more to explore in this museum birthday!

What we’re digging:

  • Take a look at these sweets by Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse! Aside from this intensely cool mammoth cake, we’re treated to some rice krispie treats with dinosaurs in them, gorgeously detailed cake pops, and an abundance of cupcakes adorned with figurines! Are those paintings or biscuits? Are those cookies or fossils?
  • It takes a second to notice, but who else adores how the plant table centerpieces are actually dinosaurs? Sneaky little dinos!
  • Didn’t Kaye Garcia do such a stellar job of styling this party? The theme shines in every detail–from the eye-catching backdrop of the dessert table to the animals standing guard. I’m ready to pay a visit to this museum!

Photographer: Little People Lifestyle Photography / Event Stylist: Kaye Garcia / Venue: Whitespace Manila / Cake and Desserts: Cuppy Puppy Bakehouse

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