Welcome to Hogwarts

Welcome all Muggles, Half-bloods, and Pure-bloods. Today we’re waving our wands in Hogwarts! Little People Photography gives us a glimpse into Gael’s absolutely perfect Harry Potter party. Now, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, I suggest you take a moment to prepare yourself before carrying on. You’re gonna have the best time. Cheerio!

What we’re digging:

  • How about the cake and cakepops by Cottontail Cake Studio? It’s not only perfectly detailed but absolutely adorable.
  • This dessert table by is as clever as a Ravenclaw. The incorporation of Honeydukes will draw a smile out of any Potterhead. And those cake pops! Do I eat them? Or do I keep them forever? They’re just way too cute!
  • Last but not least, these have got to be the cutest wizards in the whole entire world. I don’t know about you, but their contagious smiles have definitely cast a spell on me! They must be giddy over Kaye Garcia‘s styling, just as we are.

I think it’s wonderful how all the references and characters come alive! Harry Potter never fails to be magical, even after all this time. As the certified wizards would say… “Always.”

Photographer: Little People Photography / Event Stylist: Kaye Termulo-Garcia / Dessert Table: The Noodle Bakes / Cake Baker: Cottontail Cake Studio

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