A Boho Birthday

Here’s a themed party that will surely inspire you for your little ones! Hats off to Kathleen Penaranda for creating this cutesy hipster feel of a boho party that Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography beautifully captured. From that awesomely-curated table design down to the very last cookie detail, this party surely brings out the creativity in all of us!

What we’re digging:

  • How cute is that teepee? It ties the whole design together, plus kids can actually go in and play inside!
  • I’m sure you’re also eying those gorgeous dreamcatchers! Anyone else wondering if it’s a freebie that we can take home?
  • That cake from Cakeshop by Sonja. Beautiful and equally yummy for sure!

Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings by Den Llanos Dee Photography / Stylist: Kathleen Penaranda / Venue: Sta. Elena Fun Farm / Cake Baker: Cakeshop by Sonja / Banana Bread: The Bald Baker / Drinks: Stanford and Shaw Brewing / Lights and Sounds: Party “R” Us / Coffee: Magnum Opus Fine Coffees / Food: Sweet Ecstasy / Giveaways: Happy Bubbles Manila

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The Look