Cheerful Little Chief

Get your face paint ready and prepare your battle calls! Jace just had the most adorable Native American birthday party, and you don’t need to get in a canoe and cross a river to see it because Lyka Orhel Photography is bringing it right to us. Sweet Street Manila has styled something so charming, so fun, and so gorgeous, you’ll be pitching your teepee in no time!

What we’re digging:

  • I am all for these fun and vibrant lights and prints. They make the entire occasion so delightful, and don’t you think they turned out so well on camera?
  • The little touches to make the entire affair more Native American are too adorable, and they definitely pay off. The scattered cacti and feathers are especially adorable.
  • We may love Jace’s party, but if you ask me, Jace seems to love it even more! With that smile, he definitely deserves all the feathers in his cap!

Photographer: Lyka Orhel Photography / Venue: Enderun Colleges / Event Stylist: Sweet Street Manila / Catering: Enderun Colleges / Cake Baker: Joanne Tan / Cookies: Karleen’s Freshly Baked Goods / Invitations and Stationary: Print Cafe / Host: Shahein / Favors: Christina Juan Del Mundo

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