Mommy Chronicles: 5 Creative Moms Who Make Motherhood Look So Darn Good

1. Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez (Owner of Philux) – Mom to Andrea, popularly known as #andreabuccibear. She’s a furniture company owner/designer and a mom you would take fashion cues from. You’ll definitely see these two beauties always on their style A-game.


2. Mikka Padua (Founder of Seek the Uniq) – If being a mom meant creativity and cuddles, Mikka would be the perfect peg for it. She and her daughter Misch know their way around their colorful wardrobe. Founder of a popular online retail shop, we’re not surprised how she’s not only a mom at heart but an artist as well.


3. Cat Juan-Ledesma (Producer of The Parent Files) – Going through her Instagram account means daydreaming about beautiful and relaxing things. Known to have a very chill approach to motherhood, Cat is a natural with her babies, Fin and Nara. Of course we won’t fail to mention she even produces her own online show about parenting, how cool is that?


4. Vania Romoff (Fashion Designer) – Having a mom for a fashion designer means a lifetime of beautiful clothes and unending kisses. This new mommy knows how to look beyond stunning despite the sleepless nights of having a newborn.


5. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio (Blogger and TV Host) – A traveller and an adventure seeker, Rica makes sure that her son Philip is trained young. While most moms dread travelling with a youngster, this momma thrives in it.

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