Scarlet Snow Belo Family Editorial Shoot

Baby and Breakfast is all about celebrating family. We are extremely thrilled to show you this editorial shoot we did with doctors Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo, and their cutest little darling, Scarlet Snow. We wanted to feature them in a fresh, clean, and simple way, and at the end of the day, they are just like any parents, filled with overflowing love for their child. Just in time for Father’s Day, we’re excited to share with you all these gorgeous photos by Nicolai Melicor and video by Jake Olaso exclusively shot for Baby and Breakfast. Enjoy!


After the episode in my life that completely devastated me and (literally) nearly killed me twice, I thought that I had become unworthy of bringing a child into this world. I had fears that my child would be teased and bullied because of my history. In 2014, I was invited to listen to Dr. Ravi Zacharias, who talked about the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Having tried several religions and self-help systems that didn’t work, I pursued Christianity to really understand what it means. What I found is this: that about 2,000 years ago, a Son was sent by His Father in Heaven to demonstrate His Father’s love for all of us, including me; and that at that cross, everything we’re ashamed of, all the wrong things we’ve done, all the wrong thoughts, wrong experiences have been nailed with him. This Jesus offers to transform our lives and let us start anew as a new creation. I accepted that offer and since then my life changed. Everything began to fall into place, including the birth of my daughter, Scarlet Snow.


Hayden on being family:

Family is home on earth; an emotional refuge where the people I love the most are, people I can count on no matter what–where everyone wishes the other the ultimate good as far as it can be achieved, even if it means giving up their own.


Hayden on having a baby:

I understand that her arrival in this world is a bit controversial. Many people, especially Christians who I consider to be part of my faith family, have raised eyebrows because of the manner our daughter was brought to life. “Scarlet Snow” is a reminder perhaps not just to me, but also to everyone else, that our Father in heaven said, “Though your sins are like SCARLET, they shall be as white as SNOW…” (Isaiah 1:18), if and only if we accept Christ into our lives and allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and begin the transformation.


Hayden on raising Scarlet:

My realization is that the Bible really is hands down the best manual for raising kids. It is full of lessons and examples of discipline, compassion, responsibility, faith, hope, and most importantly, love. These are virtues that every parent has to practice and teach to his or her children; and in the life of Jesus Christ we see all these converged. That said, I believe that more than education and moral values, the first and foremost training we have to give our children is to seek God and pursue the goal of glorifying Him through a life lived in obedience, discipline, and love. This sounds easy, but in practice this is an overwhelming task–that’s why there is one tool that we should never take for granted as it is the most powerful: prayer. The one thing that a parent should never fail to do for his/her child is to pray for them.


Photographer: Nicolai Melicor in collaboration with Carlo Naval / Videographer: Jake Olaso / Wardrobe and Set Stylist: Lifestyle by Feliz / Props: Pottery Barn / Venue: Mozaic Living / Makeup Artist: Marife Morbido / Hairstylist: Lisa Babaran / Desserts and Catering: K. by Cunanan


Detailed Wardrobe Credits:

  • Counter Set:
    • Scarlet
      • Light brown jumper: Mango
      • White top: Mango
      • Shoes: Rustan’s Kids
    • Vicki
      • White top: Mango
      • Jewelry: Coach
    • Hayden
      • Two-tone knitted sweater: Mango
  • Bed Set:
    • Scarlet
      • Grey sweater with bunny print: H&M
      • Leggings with heart print: H&M
      • Crown headband : Fayery Trinkets
    • Hayden
      • Knitted top: Reiss
  • Couch Set:
    • Scarlet
      • Grey hoodie: H&M
      • Grey ruffled skirt: Peppermint
    • Vicki
      • Multi-colored pleated dress: Laundry
      • Jewelry: Coach
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