7 Reasons Why Doug Kramer is #DaddyGoals

We must admit, Kendra Superstar’s birthday bash last Sunday was all things perfect! But aside from the glamorous setup and scrumptious cake, what made us swoon the most was daddy Doug’s heartwarming message to little princess Kendra! He surely knows how to express his feelings and make his kids feel loved, which is why we decided to list down the reasons why Doug Kramer gives us #DaddyGoals! Here are seven reasons why more dads should be like him:

If you haven’t seen the video by Tree House Story, check it out here!

1.  He expresses his love through actions and not words

Dads often tell their little girls that whoever they date must treat them like a princess. With Doug, he doesn’t only tell them this–he shows them how. He takes them on dates and demonstrates how a man should treat a woman.


2. He’s present in the biggest and smallest of occasions. 

It’s not often we see dads attend school functions or bring their kids to the park. With Doug, he makes time to see… everything.


3. He treats MAMA well.

You never fail to see how well he treats his wife. Just the way he talks about her and by the stories he shares with his kids about the two of them, you can’t help but admire how good of a hubby and PAPA he is!


4. He takes time to teach his children.

Tagalog time! This is one of my favorites from their video series in their page Team Kramer. It’s so funny and adorable how he takes time to teach all his children how to speak Filipino, and doesn’t leave it up to the helpers to do the job.


5. He has a sense of humor. 

You can go through his Instagram and not only get entertained by the photos of the Kramer family, but also have a laugh at the captions he uses for most of them.


6. He is God-fearing. You can also get inspiration from some of his posts about God and love. He and Chesca never fail to acknowledge God’s presence in their life.


7. He doesn’t give any special treatment. You can see it from his Instagram page that he loves Kendra, Scarlet and Gavin equally. He makes each of them feel special in their own way. Don’t forget, he loves to make fun of them equally too. #LOL

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