You Must Visit These 4 Kiddie Role Playing Discovery Centers in Manila!

Looking for a cool and interactive activity for your kids to enjoy? Then why not let them try something new! Kiddie role playing centers are totally in nowadays, because it gives your little ones a personal experience where they can learn from, and have fun at the same time! From being a chef, a news anchor, or even a character in a story book, they’ll grasp something significant that they will surely never forget!

Today, we’ll be featuring these cool role playing and discovery centers in Metro Manila that you need to check out! View the list below and tell us what you think. Happy Friday!


Good news to all the movie lovers out there! Dreamplay is the perfect interactive center if your kids want to be a character in a film! This cool movie-inspired play area gives your children an opportunity to boost their creativity through fun games and interactive challenges based on movies like Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train your Dragon, and many more! So if you’re willing to fly dragons with Hiccup or train in martial arts with Po, then this is a must-place to visit!

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Contact: (02) 808-0909



Are you ready to play and learn this weekend? Kidzoona is just the right spot for you and your kids to spend some quality time together! This interactive center in Robinsons Galleria has the best of both worlds since it has both play areas and role-playing centers. So when you’re little ones are done playing as doctor or teacher, they can still have time to roam around the Ball Pool and Air Track!

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Contact: (02) 831-7112


Kidz City

Calling all busy mommies out there! If you need to run a few errands in the mall and your little one wants to play, then Kidz City is the best spot to visit! Since it has a lot of branches located in malls, it’s very practical and accessible. So while you enjoy your “alone time”, your babies are having the time of their lives, too! A win-win situation, don’t you think?

Photos: Kidzrepublicph

Contact: (0927) 777 -5439



As a kid, I’m sure you’ve always dreamt of how it felt like to be a pilot, doctor, or even a firefighter, right? Well, good news: your kids can now role play their dream profession and earn money! Kidzania has their own city complete with a courtroom, airport, jail, fire station, supermarket, television station, and theater. So once your kids visit the interactive center, they’ll surely learn a thing or two about professionalism, independence, and teamwork! How cool is that?

Plus, after they’re done with their tasks, they will be rewarded with KidZos (currency in Kidzania) and your younglings will be able to choose if they want to spend their money or deposit it in a bank to earn interest. So exciting, right?

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Photo: Kidzania Manila

Contact: (02) 711-5439


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