10 Funny Conversations of Baby Olivia and GP Reyes

With over two hundred thousand followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that little Olivia Manzano-Reyes has taken the social media world by storm! But aside from her oh-so-cute selfies and stylish outfits, Baby O’s page is a crowd favorite because of her hilarious conversations shared with her dad, GP Reyes. And how could you not LOL once you click through #ConvosWithOlivia? From sarcastic one liners to comical puns, you’re definitely in for a treat! Check out 10 of the funniest conversations of Baby O and Daddy GP Reyes! It’s super funny! Have a fun week ahead, darlings!

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1. When she revealed her biggest fear in life

And it’s not spiders or heights! 


2. That one time she didn’t like posing for the camera

Cause her baby abs would be shown.


3. Or when she didn’t like any stolen photos

Cause the paparazzi might see!


4. When she tried to speak French

But ended up saying a bunch of cute baby murmurs.


5. When she used an equation to quote a song

Can’t touch this! Tananananan! Can’t touch this! 


6. When she revealed her real job

That none of us can apply for.


7. When she jokingly revealed her dad’s age in front of her fans

Cause she knows how to give her dad a great comeback!


8. When she refused to buy kiddie stuff

Hermes? Chanel? You name it!


9. When she wanted to go to the club

But daddy didn’t allow her. Who says she can’t party with her fellow baby friends?


10. When she played a joke on her mom 

Sorry Mommy Andi, we know that Baby O is just one little jokester!


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