5 Tips for Dressing Up Your Little Ones For the Rainy Season

Struggling with the change in weather? For the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that the weather has been unpredictable! You don’t know whether or not you should dress up for the heat or the rain. Here at Baby and Breakfast, we want you and your kids to be prepared every day! So we came up with five useful tips for dressing up your little ones during the rainy season. Check our list below!

1. Always be prepared.

You never know when it’s going to rain or shine! Before leaving the house, it’s best to pack a raincoat, rain boots, and an umbrella, so that when it rains all of a sudden, you are prepared! We don’t want your kiddos getting sick!

2. Comfort is key.

Your kids will probably walk, jump, run, and skip while you’re out with them. They should wear clothes that are breezy and thin just in case it’s hot outside. And with that prepared raincoat, they can just wear it over their clothes and be protected from the rain.

3. Closed over open toe shoes. 

Closed shoes would be perfect for your kid’s outfit in case they accidentally step on a puddle or mud. It’s better to have them covered than having their feet get all dirty and wet.

4. Legs should be covered.

Now that it’s raining, the mosquitos are out to play! Those little suckers just go on and bite everywhere! Your kid’s legs should be covered most of the time, especially if they’re playing in the park or anywhere outdoors.

5. Don’t forget to have fun! 

Kids’ clothes are limitless. There are so many different styles for your little ones. Add a pop of color to their outfit, let them wear statement tees, and mix and match different prints and patterns. Don’t forget that they’re cute and they can get away with any style!


Here are a few outfits we styled with our five rainy season tips:

For Baby Boys:  Clothes from Zara Kids

Clothes from Mango Kids

For Baby Girls: 

Clothes from Zara Kids

Clothes from Mango Kids

For Boys:

Clothes from Zara Kids

Clothes from Mango Kids

For Girls:

Clothes from Zara Kids Clothes from Mango Kids

Oh! Did I forget to mention? All these clothes are available online! And the best part is… they’re on sale! Go get ’em mommies!


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