8 Times #AndreaBucciBear Proved She’s Awesomesauce

You may know her as the cute little flower girl from Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico’s wedding, but actually, Andrea Bucci Bear has been a social media star ever since! The daughter of Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and Christian Gonzales has been the cutest buzz on Instagram, and we’re super in love!!! From her super chic outfits to her amazing travel adventures, this charming angel will surely go places! Below, we listed down why she’s too cool for our lives.


1. She’s a jetsetter.

2. She can hit the high notes.

Little Miss Andrea sure knows how to sing! Britney Spears, is that you?

3. Not only does she sing, but she dances, too! 

Little Miss Andrea has got the moves like Jagger!

4. Olivia Palermo, is that you?

If you think your #OOTDs are cool, wait till you see Andrea Buccie Bear’s style! It’s on fleek in so many levels!

5. She’s a Top Model in the making.

Watch out Asia, we got the youngest little model in town! She’s a triple threat! Singer, dancer and model! Andrea Bucci Bear sure knows how to work it in front of the camera!

6. Her dress up game is so strong.

Although it ain’t Halloween, Andrea Bucci Bear can surely dress up for any occasion! And she looks so darn cute!

7. She sure knows what she’s talking about. 

Little Miss Andrea is a smart one! Harvard, you better be ready for The Bucci Bear!

8. She’s a Silly Nilly. 

Andrea Bucci Bear is so silly, it’s too cute not to mention! This is why she’s an Instagram sensation!!

This isn’t the end of our #Andrea Bucci Bear craze! We’re sure mommy Steph has more Andrea Bucci Bear posts up her sleeve. I mean, how can you not post about your cutie bucci bear?


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