7 Funny Things That Happen Only When You Become a Mom

They say that once you become a mom, your whole life changes, and that’s soooo true! From your work schedule to your nights with friends or even to your salon trips, everything becomes different because your life starts to revolve around your young one. And let’s face it, oftentimes the changes that happen in our lives are usually the funniest moments. Don’t you agree? So we rounded up seven hilarious things that only happen to moms. Read our list below and be ready to laugh! Have a happy week ahead, mommas!

You start valuing sleep more than anything.

Gone are the days when your motto was “sleep is for the weak”. Now that you’re a momma, sleep becomes a luxury!


Your playlists in the car are all baby songs.


And you’ve probably sang Let It Go for like a hundred times.


Your time on the TV means time for Disney or Nickelodeon.

And more time for Sofia The First and Peppa Pig!

Your outfit choices are waaay comfier.


Stilettos? Cropped Tops? Nah, sneakers and leggings are the best.


Your bag becomes a whole stash of baby stuff.

Diapers? Check. Bottles? Check. Toys? Check.


You never have weekends off… 


Cause being a momma is 24/7 job!


You silently laugh at those single people who call themselves “busy”.


Wait til you become a parent… LOL!


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