7 Cool Ideas for a Unique and Stylish Nursery

Aside from all those cute clothes you plan on buying (or already have in stock because they’re just too cute to let go!), I’m sure you want your little tot to have a comfy and stylish space once he or she comes out. So we gathered these cool ideas that you might want to have for your nursery!


1. Take your little one to the woods

A wooden crib will totally complete the rustic vibe if you want a whimsical and woodland room for your baby princess!


2. Fill up a wall with a handful of milestones

Seeing your little one grow can be such a joy, especially if you’ve got the cutest milestone tracker! Decorate a plain wall with D.I.Y. milestone cards for a personalized touch.



3. Create a dress-up corner

Instead of concealing their clothes in one cabinet, hang them in one corner for everyone to see!



4. Make storing items cuter

Banish clutter in the room by choosing a super cute storage holder! Check out this charming changing table!


5. Go for an accent wall

Say goodbye to those plain white walls! It’s time to make your little one’s space fun and vibrant!


6. Add a teepee

Who says you can’t camp indoors? Start em’ young by adding a chic teepee to their nursery!



7. Use adorable storage bins

Pick vibrant storage bins with animal prints to brighten up the mood of your baby’s space.


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