4 Fun Playgrounds To Check Out With Your Kids

Manila just became a mega playground and we’re inviting you to join us in checking some of the coolest spots in town! It’s been a great year for kids and kids-at-heart alike, as more adventures await the whole family in these places we’re featuring today. So bring out your calendar and start planning your next family playtime trips within the Metro!

Jump Yard

Check out Jump Yard for an enormous space perfect for bouncing and prancing–it’s fun for the kids and worry-free for the mommies! With an activity area of over 2,000 square meters, it is indeed every child’s dream and every momma’s wish come true! From foam pits to trampoline basketball arenas, this is a place where every ounce of energy is welcome!

Contact: (02) 544-0704


Trampoline Park

Who knew that jumping is not only fun, but healthy as well? Trampoline playgrounds are becoming quite a trend in Manila, and Trampoline Park definitely is one of the best ones out there! For older kids who seem serious about being action stars in the future, this is the place to be! It offers vast trampoline floors (and walls!) designed for practicing fun stunts and sharing lots of laughs together! Bonus: Join their fitness classes while accompanying the kids!


Contact: 0905 453 3879

Terra 28th

BGC has been Manila’s fitness hotspot for activities like running and biking. Now with new open parks like Terra 28th, kids can join in on the fun too! Terra 28th has a vibrant playground that is sure to entertain and liven your kids during your family workout time. Plus, you can have the ultimate bonding experience as you teach your kids some classic Filipino-themed games in the park like piko and patintero!


Ninja Academy

Make playtime more interesting by learning a few tricks and stunts! Ninja Academy offers parkour lessons in their indoor facility where kids can develop both physical and mental strength as they learn to run, jump, climb, roll, and swing in the coolest and most impressive ways they can think of!


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