6 Times Cristalle Belo Proved That She’s the Best Ate To Scarlet Snow Belo

Having a sister is probably the funnest experience that you will ever have–it’s like you’re living with your best friend all the time! And when you’re an ate, it’s even waayyy cooler cause you have the responsibility to care for your little tot 24/7! And here at Baby and Breakfast, we admire how ates are committed to caring, teaching, and loving their little siblings! So when we stumbled upon Cristalle Belo’s Instagram, we immediately appreciated her unconditional love and support for her younger sister, Scarlet Snow Belo. Here’s some proof why she’s the best ate to cute little Scarlet.


When she would teach Scarlet new things at an early age.


Look! She even brought Scarlet to a restaurant and they both appreciated art.


But Cristalle can be playful, too! Just see how she goofs around with Scarlet on Snapchat.


Or how she plays hide and seek with Scarlet.

She even lets Scarlet meet new friends, like her dog #AmityCutie!


She’s just such a supportive ate since day one! 


And we can’t wait for Scarlet to walk down the aisle for her wedding!


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