10 Unique Ideas For Your Little Daughter’s Room

Planning to redecorate your little angel’s room, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This Friday, we’re rounding up some cool and unique decor ideas that you can do to upgrade and enhance your daughter’s room! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down below, and start making your moodboards!


1. Go for variations of room color staples

There are endless ways to experiment with classic hues for girls. You can choose a dustier color, pair bright tones with neutrals, or select a unique palette altogether!



2. Turn one corner into an exciting play area

Make playtime extra charming by turning a small space into a fun play corner! Fill it with some pillows, toys, and books, and you’re good to go!



3. Play with lighting

Aside from whimsical walls and charming furniture, lighting is a fantastic way to personalize and prettify your baby girl’s space! For the best bedtime story experience, try to mix and match lamps, chandeliers, or even light installations! This will make the mood of the room more cozy, too!


4. Decorate with flora…

Incorporate nature into your little girl’s room to give it a more visually refreshing look! Try putting a potted plant in one corner to brighten up the vibe of your baby girl’s place.


5. …and fauna!

Cutesy creatures make for a good theme for little girls’ rooms! Not only will you achieve that enchanted forest look, but she will also surely be a lover of nature when she grows up!

6. Make a fashion statement

Shopping for cute clothes has got to be one of the best pastimes ever! So rather than stashing them all away in a closet where they can’t be seen, why not display your little fashionista’s tutus and dresses on a clothes rack? You can also add her favorite costumes to make it an instant dress-up corner!


7. Revamp an old dresser

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate her space? Why not take an old dresser of yours and repaint it with your little one’s favorite colors and designs?! This is perfect for that rustic vintage look, too!


8. Organize in style

As your daughter plays with toys, you can have your share of fun playing with patterns! Turn clean-up time into a stylish activity with color-coded boxes or even floral suitcases!


9. Turn a wall into a mural

One easy way to give your darling daughter’s space a unique makeover is to replace plain old wallpaper with a mural! Another option is to have it painted on a large canvas and hang it on the wall.



10. Add a chalkboard

You must make your little tot’s space as creative as possible! Why not try adding a chalkboard to her room to enhance her artsy skills? By doing this, you won’t have to worry about erasing marks on the walls!


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