7 Times Zion The Young Lion Wore The Cutest Outfits

We have to admit, #ZionTheYoungLion is probably one of the youngest heartthrobs in town! With his super cool hairstyle and infectious smile, it’s hard to miss this cutie pie! Don’t you agree? So when we checked his mom’s Instagram, we couldn’t help but fall in love with his cute outfits! So if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration for your little tots, check out this list below! Have a fun week ahead, loves!


When he looked dapper in a formal attire.


Or when he wore a sleek white polo paired with khaki pants.. what a cutie!


Remember when he was match-matchy with his daddy for the Lakers? 


And when he wore a mini-Panday costume to support his dad’s show?


How about when he wore this chic casual look? Love the shirt, Zion!

Zion, you look so comfy in loungewear! 


Let’s not forget that time when Sarah, Richard, and Zion wore all black! #FamilyGoals


We can’t wait for little #ZionTheYoungLion to grow up! For sure he’ll be slaying the #OOTD game even more!

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