5 Ideas For a Relaxing Staycation at Home

Being a mom is perhaps the busiest job in the world, or the universe, rather! Yet even as expert jugglers of tasks and superheroes of the home, mommas still need a day of downtime to unwind once in a while. So today, we’re rewarding you with some fantastic ideas to try for a mommy staycation right in your own home! You deserve some well-deserved relaxation and pampering! Check out our list below, and have a happy day ahead!


Turn your home into a spa

What could be more relaxing than a lovely massage and some zen time? Turn your home into a day spa and light up some scented candles, soak yourself in a bubble bath, and book an appointment with a masseuse for a treatment truly fit for a queen!



Get a makeover

It may have been a while since you last had a pampering day so now that you have a bit of free time, why not set a makeover day right in your own home? You can call for home services of mani-pedis, scrubs, and even hair treatments with your other mommy friends for a day of tête-à-tête and beauty!


Conduct a movie marathon

For moms who are also film buffs, one of the biggest sacrifices you have to make would be choosing your kids’ shows over your favorite movies! So today would be a perfect day to take a break from the cartoons and catch up on those faves! We’re sure you miss those funny reality shows!


Do some D.I.Y. projects

For some moms, being idle is just near to impossible! So now that you have some spare time on your hands, why not start on those D.I.Y. projects you have been seeing on Pinterest lately but never actually got to work on? Try crafting and styling home decor! Your house would look totally posh afterwards!



Whip up a meal

Without the kids around, it’s the perfect time to have a culinary adventure and try new recipes to add to your family menu! Not only will you upgrade your kitchen skills, but you will also get to surprise the whole family with a nice meal when they get back!


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