Moms Share Why It’s Important to Have “Me” Time

When you have work to do, errands to finish, and a little toddler to take care of, being a mom feels like you’re on call 24/7! But despite your busy schedule, you must make sure that you have time for yourself, too! To encourage you today, we asked four moms to share with us why you should spend some time for yourself once in a while. Happy Tuesday, loves!


It reminds you of who you are

We shouldn’t lose our identities or who we are, just because we’re busy being MOM. We should be happy and confident about ourselves so that it all spills over to our own husbands and children. – Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez

It refuels you, and gives you rest!

Spending a little alone time is good for every mom, as you can recharge your “batteries” and clear your head. – Kelly Misa-Fernandez

It gives you happy endorphins

To prevent myself from going nuts because of my busy schedule, I allocate a couple of hours just for myself at the gym while the kids are in school. When mommy is recharged and happy, the kids will be happy, too! – Andrea Mago


It allows you to get work done

My priority has always been and will always be my family. However, I make sure to set aside time for myself as well. And my me-time is when I get some work done! – Nikka Martinez-Garcia


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