7 Ways to Create a Star Wars-Inspired Kiddie Room

Dun dun dun.. duuuun dudunnn, duuuun dudunnn… Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Why not step up your fandom level by making it a family affair? Spruce up your little one’s room and make it different from the rest! Check out these cool ways to decorate your kid’s playroom.


1. Decorate light covers
Teaching your kids how to save energy have never been this cute!



2. Make a battleship bed
Go all out in decorating your kid’s room by having a custom-made bed modeled after cruisers or starships! It would be super cool to role play before bedtime!


3. Mount wall lightsabers
Help your little Jedi navigate his room by installing these lightsaber-inspired lamps on his wall. You don’t want him to get stuck on the dark side, right?


4. Place a cute storage table
Give your little kid his own R2D2 in a form of a sidetable! Isn’t it the most adorable thing?


5. Decorate a blank wall
The quickest way to spruce up a plain old wall is to stick on the coolest artwork–like this awesome rendition of the Death Star!


6. Add cute plushies
Instead of grabbing plain-colored plushies and bear stuff toys for your little man, why not give his room an extra boost by throwing in themed ones! Extra points if you get a storm trooper pillow!


7. Make a creative bookshelf 
If you’ve grabbed a few books for your boy, take this little opportunity to put the best movies on display!

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