6 Times The Sotto Kids Proved It’s Cool To Have Brothers as Best Friends

It’s nice to see kids grow close at an early age, so they can establish a bond that can last through years. So when we stumbled upon Joy Sotto’s Instagram, we immediately admired how her little boys love and care for another! Isn’t it so cool to have your sibling as your best pal? Here are six times the Sotto boys proved  it’s fun to have brothers as best friends!


When they would sing together as a band

Are they the next sibling rock band? They’ll surely top Hanson!


When they wore matchy-matchy outfits in style

They totally slayed the OOTD game for sibs! Keep wearing those cute clothes, guys!


When they rocked the runway together!

It’s so cool to have your brother by your side in cool events like these. 


Even playing football becomes more fun 

 Aside from future actors, they can be future football players, too!


When they expressed their love for their youngest sister

These four kuyas will surely protect their baby sister Amari!

When they did goofy poses together on cam

Taking selfies never been this fun!

Oh, you guys are the cutest! We wish we could have brothers like you, too!

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