The Cutest Moments of Scarlet Snow in Cristalle Belo’s Wedding

Cristalle Belo and Justin Pitt’s dreamy wedding in Lake Como wouldn’t be complete without the cute little Scarlet Snow Belo!! Don’t you agree? Since we’re so thrilled to see her as flower girl for her ate’s wedding, we decided to compile her cutest moments during this unforgettable event. Everything is indeed PITTurePerfect!


She’s definitely getting ready for the big day! How about a casual haircut outdoors? 


“Bonjour” or “Buongiorno” ?


Playing with daddy Hayden makes her smile!


This little one also wants to play the piano for her ate’s special day! How sweet! 

Eating gelato before the ceremony? Yaaas!


These busy flower girls look pretty in their dresses!


Walking down the aisle with these two boys have never been more cute!

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