6 Reasons Why I Need My #MomSquad

Mom-life is tough. So when the going gets tough, the tough chooses her ammo to conquer this crazy, yet wonderful adventure called mommyhood. Apart from my husband, family, and the wonderful being up there, I really do get by with a lot of help from my mommy friends. Here are 6 reasons why having a mom squad is totally important in our mommy lives.

1.  They can totally relate

My BFF and I got pregnant the same time, and I remember when one random hello message turned into an all out ra-ra session because we were both experiencing the physical pregnancy aches and pains. Somehow the pain became a little more tolerable because I had my BFF with me and her encouraging words and our cray-cray topics made me temporarily forget about the gassy pains and damn nausea.


2. Google what?

Trust that your mommy friends have answers to anything under the sun. ANYTHING! From the yummiest onion relish recipe to tried and tested flu busters. My husband even got on it and would message my BFF for rash remedies.


3. Extended diaper bags

When you’re out and in need of more baby wipes, trust your girls to have that extra pack of wipes with a couple of diapers (you know, just in case!) as an added bonus. Just say the word and they’ll even be more than ready to buy you that glass of wine you so deserve. They’re helpful like that!

4. In lieu of IG Husbands

Your mommy friends capture the best photos of you and your kids. They know you and your babies so well, that they know those flattering angles and all! How lucky are you to have those special moments captured.


5. No judgments!

I remember my momma friend saying this and I totally agree with her. I really think it’s nice to have a support group that’s there to lend their ears, share their knowledge, and open their hearts to mamas who are at their most vulnerable state. Sometimes, just to be genuinely heard is what a tired and overworked mom needs to pick herself up and get ready for the next wave of challenges.


6. We got each other’s backs

I have a mommy group and we call it Baby Barangay. Though we knew each other for a while through work and the others have been my BFFs since college, we all got together again at a special time in our lives. Becoming moms and going through this adventure together made it easy for us to be there for each other. Mothers, for some amazing and magical reason, know what to say to fellow mothers, and I think it’s because they purely know how you feel.



It takes a village to raise kids. And if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s to never hesitate to ask for help. Having these mamas on your team have been nothing but a blessing as they make the daily challenges of motherhood easier.

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