Andres’ Seafaring Shindig

Though I’m not a huge fan of the water, I can’t deny that a nautical-themed bash always catches my eye! Even though this celebration completely took place on dry land, Sugar and Sunbeams‘ genius styling sure made me feel like I was sailing off into the great unknown. So climb aboard as these snaps by Delightful Little Darlings sails us to Andres’ seafaring baptismal!

What we’re digging:

  • I honestly never knew that the colors blue and brown would look so good together!
  • I love how the venue’s interiors complemented the party’s theme. The wooden wall panels were a seamless touch to the rustic nautical set-up.
  • It’s often said that simplicity is beauty, and the table centerpieces are a perfect example of how true that saying is! The fresh flowers and seashells add to the crisp look of the décor.

Photographer: Delightful Little Darlings / Event Stylist: Sugar & Sunbeams / Venue: Earth Kitchen

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