8 Adorable Moments of the Legaspi Family

At the Baby and Breakfast HQ, we’re always on the look out on the cutest families that give us real #FamilyGoals. So when we stumbled upon Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel’s Instagram accounts, we were so thrilled to see their cute bonding moments together! Look at our fun list below, and start swooning over their adorable moments!


1. When they would go on road trips


2. Or travel abroad as a family! Picture perfect right?


3. How ’bout when they wore terno outfits?

4. When Mavy and Cassie randomly surprised Carmina during her taping


5. Or when Cassie and Carmina would have mommy-daughter dates

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Love Love Love 😍😍😍

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6. Let’s not forget when Mavy and Zoren went to the Warriors game

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Strength in Numbers…WARRIORS!!!

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7. Or when they slayed the OOTD game with terno outfits!


8. Plus, Carmina and Zoren played onscreen lovers in a teleserye! Cute!


Oh Legaspi family, you guys are the cutest!

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