6 Cool Museums For Your Next Family Field Trip

We all know that spending quality time with the kids is one of our top priorities as parents. But aside from bringing them to the usual hangout spots like cafés or play areas, you can also bring them to a fun and educational place like a museum! We listed down six fun and interesting museums that you can visit with the little ones this weekend. So start planning, now!


1. Pinto Art Museum

If you’re after a calm and relaxing environment, head to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo! Your kids will love to learn a thing or two about contemporary art while enjoying the scenic view of the outdoors. Plus, the whole place is so Insta-worthy! The museum has lush greens, Mediterranean-inspired architecture, and classy interiors, so it’s best to bring the whole family!

[Photos: Pinto Art Nature]


2. Art in Island

Going to Quezon City this weekend? You’ll definitely enjoy visiting Art in Island because it features 3D artworks with optical illusions! This cool museum has 200 handpainted murals that give an illusion of depth, so it feels like you’re inside the artwork, too! Cool right? So if you want an interactive experience for your little ones, make sure that you drop by Art in Island ASAP!

[Photo: Jerekiddo]

[Photo: Jason dela Cruz]

3. Ayala Museum

Start your weekend with some art appreciation! Bring your kids to Ayala Museum so they get to appreciate beautiful artwork like paintings, sculptures, dioramas, ancient artifacts, and many more! If your kids need to review for school, this place can help them better understand and visualize our history, too. So if you’re within the Makati district, make sure you pass by!

[Photo: Jianne Nicolasora]

[Photo: Isha Jima]


4. Museo Pambata

Want your kids to experience something exciting and interactive? Why not bring them to Museo Pambata! This museum encourages kids to learn and discover new things through their different hands-on exhibits. And, it can be an exciting place to have fun since they get to visit different themed rooms! The Old Manila hall is a crowd favorite because they can visit a miniature cathedral, ride a Spanish galleon, and even board a train! Exciting!

[Photo: Christagram]

[Photo: Anne Stacey]


5. National Museum

Take your little tots to an unforgettable field trip by heading to the National Museum this weekend! This classic museum built in 1960 is a must-visit, since it showcases the best of the Filipino arts. Plus, you’ll be blown away by the timeless architecture of the building, too! So get your cameras ready for those artsy shots with the family. 

[Photo: Tricia Perez]

[Photo: Anna Ituriaga]


6. Mind Museum

A trip to Mind Museum can allow your babies to enjoy some interactive learning! Filled with modern science exhibits and virtual reality simulations, this museum is loved by most kids and adults because of the learning experience that it provides. One popular exhibit is the mini-planetarium that feature Science films about the solar system and life outside earth.

[Photo: The Mind Museum]

[Photo: Marius Tan]

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