5 Secrets of a Supermom

Sometimes, being a mom feels like the busiest job in the world. But don’t fret! Balancing time for your kids and work actually makes you a SuperMom! So today, we’re sharing some helpful hacks to help you seize the day while maximizing your time with your family! Check out our helpful list below, and have a productive day ahead!


Plan your schedule ahead

We know that the #struggleisreal when it comes to balancing work and family time. So to make your day stress-free, plan your schedule ahead so you can easily prioritize what you need to do first. Make sure you bring your trusty notebook or planner to keep you organized throughout the day so you won’t miss anything!


Wear comfy shoes all day

According to a study, the average woman owns about 19 pairs of shoes at a time. So instead of purchasing a variety of shoes, why not invest on a pair of shoes that gives you both comfort and style? FitFlop sandals are chic and comfy on your feet, so you can wear them the entire day! Whether decorating your home or playing with the kids, you can don these FitFlop footwear and look super sleek!


Always do your research!

As a hands-on mom, you need to keep yourself up to date with the latest news and trends! Read blogs or magazines about parenting, so you get to learn new tricks and hacks that you can teach your child. Plus, you can also join our online mommy support group to get advice from other super moms, too!

Have a date night with your husband

Despite your busy schedule, you need to spend some quality time with your hubby! According to the National Marriage Project, couples who go on frequent dates show improvements in communication, commitment, and happiness. So whether it’s a romantic candlelit date or a simple movie marathon at home, it will be a great opportunity to bond with your spouse and get to know him even more!


Pamper yourself once in a while

After a long and stressful day at work or taking care of the kids, you deserve some R&R! Set a pampering day where you get a relaxing makeover from head to toe. Schedule a home-service spa day! Indulge yourself with mani-pedis, body scrubs, and even hair treatments! You can even bring your other friends, and turn it into a spa party!


Enjoy your time with the kids 

Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed with our daily tasks that we forget to enjoy the little things in our lives that matter! So once you’re done with your work, make sure you make time for your family—because at the end of the day, you’re their SuperMom.

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