5 Baby Fashion Brands We’re Totally Crushing on Right Now

If you are just like us who swoon over chic baby clothes and on-trend kiddie styles, then this article is for you! Baby and Breakfast editors round up five of their favorite baby brands found and proudly made locally. So get ready to shop this weekend, everyone!


1. Little Luli

“I’m a bit picky when it comes to graphic shirts for my little boy, Juano. I knew I had to have some for him as soon as I saw Little Luli’s adorable collection. Designs are tasteful and playful, plus the fabric is comfy so my Juano loves wearing them.” – Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Executive Editor, Baby and Breakfast


2. Gingersnaps

“Gingersnaps is one of my go-to stores for my daughter! There are times when I would feel bad some styles don’t come in my size.” – Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Executive Editor, Baby and Breakfast


3. Littlestsetter

“Littlest setter has the cutest prints for their products. The rompers are cute, too!” – Janna Simpao, Editor-in-Chief, Baby and Breakfast

4. googoo&gaga

“If I were to keep making my kids head out with matching outfits, their shirts and dresses would come from googoo&gaga and I’m pretty sure they won’t mind!” – Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Executive Editor, Baby and Breakfast


5. Stylemelittle

“Stylemelittle has the most adorable tutus! If your little princess wants to be a ballerina someday, you’ll definitely love this brand!” – Bea Perdigon, Content Manager, Baby and Breakfast


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  1. Wow, that is amazing, I like all colors and material too, I also purchase some personalized baby clothes from googooandgaga for my baby, the material of clothes is also good.

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