8 Fun Things That Happen in Every Family Road Trip

Heading to Tagaytay, Baguio, or Batangas this long weekend? If you’re driving with the whole squad, I’m pretty sure that you can relate to these funny moments that happen in every family road trip! View the list below, and let us know your favorite one!


1. A road trip can’t be complete without singing along to a fun song!

2. When you make packed snacks for the whole trip…

3. And you accidentally finish them all in one sitting! #guilty

4. When your kid keeps asking, “Are we there yet, mom?”

5. Or…“Can I go to the restroom?

6. When you realized that you forgot something really important, but you can’t go back to the house anymore. Ooops!

7. When Waze runs out of signal and you’re not sure where to pass.

8. When everyone is asleep, and you have to be awake cause you’re the driver’s co-pilot and are riding shotgun. Coffee please!


These moments are super hilarious! But let’s admit it, our trips are made more fun and memorable cause we have family by our side. #awww

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