5 Dads Who Made Their Kid’s Childhood Legendary!

When I was young, I begged my dad to go on a father and son camping trip with me. The thought of him carving out time from his busy schedule made me giddy with joy, and it didn’t matter if the campsite wasn’t great, or we didn’t really enjoy roughing it–all that mattered was that I was with my dad. And I guess that’s why that camping trip is one of the fondest memories of my childhood.

Statistics have shown that there is a direct correlation between the involvement of a father in a child’s life, their performance in school, and ultimately how they succeed later in life. And these five cool dads definitely thought of very creative ways to make their kid’s childhood memorable! Even if your methods aren’t as high-tech as these, what matters most is that you make it a point to spend quality time with the little ones. Challenge accepted!


1. Photographer Josh Rossi decided his daughter Nellee could be Wonder Woman in celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Amazon princess. Cool, right?


2. Daniel Hashimoto a.k.a. Action Movie Dad thought it would be cool to make his kid’s imaginations come to life through film!




3. Artist Adam Hargreaves created his daughter’s dream room by painting Disney characters on the walls. Amazeballs!

4. YouTuber Dave Crosby thought it would be a cool idea to make his daughter Claire’s dreams come true by filming a music video inspired by the film Tangled. Plus, they even shot the scene at the Lantern Fest in Salt Lake City. Wow! Listen to their amazing rendition, below!


5. Newman Chan found a clever way to give his daughter a “virtual reality” experience! Now that’s practical, LOL!

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