7 Times Georgina Wilson Gave Us #PregnancyGoals

Finding out that you’re pregnant can be the best news ever, but being pregnant can be another story! For nine months, you’ll be carrying a little human inside you–and that is no joke! Most days it can really wear you down and all you want to do is turn on Netflix and binge watch a show all day. But Georgina Wilson is a totally different story! She makes pregnancy look way too easy! Check out our list below on why this momma gives us #PregnancyGoals.


1. If there’s a show for Asia’s Next Top Pregnant Model, she’ll totally win that contest! She’s totally got that pregnancy glow. We’re just so jealous.


2. If she wants to travel, she’ll make it happen! In Georgina’s case, she was very lucky to be able to travel  and go to her favorite places, whether it be California or anywhere else around the world.



3. She totally knows how to balance her work life and pregnancy life! I mean, running Sunnies, Sunnies Café, and having your own TV series while pregnant? We wanna know where you get all that energy, girl!


4. Being pregnant can restrict your outfits, but oh boy, Georgina knows how to play dress up! All her outfits are on fleek and they never disappoint! We love all those floral dresses too! Work it, girl! Pregnancy totally suits her!


5. Georgina is just having way too much fun with her pregnancy, and we love it! We also love that she’s enjoying her baby bump. A proud mama-to-be!


6. Did you see her gorgeous baby shower? Was that even a baby shower or a royal party? Only the best for #BabyBurnand!


7. She’s definitely got the support of her best friends! The best thing you need during your pregnancy is your #squad. They’ll be there for you when you need them most or when you just need someone to be there during your pregnancy cravings! And Georgina surely has that!


We’re so excited for #TheBurnands and the arrival of #BabyBurnand!

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