The Best Marriage Quotes That Will Make You Believe in #MayForever

The unconditional love that you and your spouse share is beyond anything else in this world. Can I hear an #amen to that? So if you’re looking for something to inspire you during a gloomy day, here are a few quotes on marriage that will definitely make you fall in love with your partner all over again and make you believe in happily ever after!


1. The heart will only truly open up if it feels safe. You must always make each other feel safe especially when you have kids of your own.


2. We’re pretty sure your wedding was the best day of your lives! It was the beginning of a beautiful, new, and exciting chapter for both of you. The next goal is to make your marriage even better than your wedding day. Think of all the other “best days” you and your spouse will have, especially with a growing family!


3. Before you got married I’m sure you were told that marriage is all about teamwork. Always remember and keep in mind that you’re not working alone. You have someone who is there to support, love, and cherish you. And don’t forget to do the same for your spouse.


4. When you have one of those days where you want to strangle each other, you have to remember the vows you exchanged during your wedding. No matter how tough life gets, remember what you promised each other… in sickness or in health


5. Support! A marriage is an equal relationship. When your partner is feeling down, your job is to support and encourage them to become a better person.

6. When the going gets tough, deal with it. A marriage is all about teamwork.


7. Every marriage has their ups and downs. It’s very normal and natural for a couple to disagree on things and have different points of views. Just keep in mind that above anything else, you married your soulmate–and that no matter what, even if you’re super annoyed at them, he/she is the love of your life. Those petty arguments won’t be worth it in the end.


8. If your kids aspire to have the relationship that you and your spouse have, then that means what you’re doing is right! Your kids will believe in love and all the effort you put into making each other happy!


Sigh, #mayforever na talaga!

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