Christmas Gift Guide: What To Get For Your Babies This Christmas

‘Tis the season to buy presents, fa la la la la, la la la la. Buying presents for babies can be a little bit tricky since they won’t really remember your gifts. So we came up with a list of gift ideas you can give your babies, that will not only be fun, but have a little purpose too! This list isn’t just for parents, but for ninangs, ninongs, titas and titos too! Here are ten cool online stores where you can buy gifts for your little munchkins!

1. Mom and Milly

Start ’em young with all the educational toys Mom and Milly have to offer. From wooden blocks to instruments and toys, puzzles and books–you name it, they’ve got it! Your babies will love to play with all these!

2. Tiny Buds

A baby’s skin is very sensitive; and body soap, laundry detergent, and other products are things we have to be aware of and careful when choosing. Tiny Buds’ products are natural, safe, and made with love! Don’t know which product to get? They have many products like skincare, bath, and teeth essentials, laundry washes, wipes, and sanitizers. Oh, they even have gift baskets too!


3. Pottly N Tubby

Are you looking for that Pinterest-inspired room? Then Pottly N Tubby is the way to go! They have bean bags, beds in bags, teepees, and decorative pillows, among a whole host of other kiddie decor! So if you plan on making that play/reading area for your kids, why not get these products to add that super chill and cool effect!


4. Beluga Dreams

It’s always fun and great to get something educational for your little one! And Beluga Dreams has a lot to choose from! Like puzzles and blocks for your kiddos to learn from and have fun with. Babies sure love to play with blocks and things, so why not make it educational at the same time? And that’s not all Beluga Dreams has to offer, they’ve got books too!


5. Sunny Pages

Here’s another bookstore for your kiddos’ gifts! Sunny Pages has a wide variety of books your little ones will be sure to enjoy! They have bedtime story books, informative books, and many more! What better way to teach your little ones the alphabet and numbers than with their own books?


6. Chunky Chewelries

Is your baby teething already? Here’s a gift that not only has a purpose, but is stylish too! Chunky Chewelries are accessories you and your baby can wear fashionably! These beads are BPA-free so you’ll have nothing to worry about!


[Photo: Chunky Chewelries]


[Photo: Chunky Chewelries]


7. Fun Nest

Fun Nest sure has cool stuff for babies! They’ve got mats for tummy time in different colors and patterns, soft pillows, and toys for babies to play with! And don’t forget about those cool teepees! They can be used for both indoor and outdoor play too! Can’t you just imagine your little ones having their own space to play around, crawl, and have fun? We sure can!


8. Nuby PH

Nuby PH has got you covered for all things baby! Wanna get your baby a pacifier? How about a teether? How about bottles and sippy cups? They’ve got it all, and more!


9. Sacred

This is what your newborn baby needs! Your baby’s skin in the first six months is very sensitive and new. Sacred is a safe and simple cleanser, made with love for your little one’s first six months!


10. Urban Baby Clothing

Everyone loves a cutie pie dressed in an adorable onesie! Make your cutie pies look extra adorable with these gifts from Urban Baby Clothing! They have all those #totesadorbs onesies for your little ones that will have everyone squealing in delight!

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