Christmas Gift Guide: What To Buy For The Bulilits

It’s the most wonderful time… to buy presents for the little munchkins! If you’re stumped looking for the perfect present, don’t worry! Today, we’re featuring ten baby brands that you can check out for the cutest finds for toddlers. View our list below, and have a great week ahead!


1. Beluga Dreams

It’s always fun and great to get something educational for the little one! They’ve got different kinds of books, which I’m sure your kiddos will love to hear before going to sleep! They even have kiddie versions of novels and plays like “Les Miserables” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


2. Sunny Pages

Here’s another place to get books for your kiddos! They’ve got informative books, bedtime stories, and books in Filipino. Those Filipino books would be a great tool to teach the little ones how to speak the language!


3.  Bibi Philippines

Little kids need comfortable shoes for walking, running, and playing. These Bibi shoes aren’t only comfy but can also be used to correct your child’s posture. Plus, it’ll make your child feel as if he or she were walking barefoot! How cool and convenient is that?


4. Vida for Lil Divas and Dudes

Who says that it’s only the parents’ fashion that can be on point? Kids nowadays are even more fashionable than their parents! Case in point: Check out these super fashion forward clothes from Vida! Ready your camera ’cause I’m sure you’re gonna wanna take some #OOTDs of your kiddos in these outfits!


5. MNL Grow Kits

A small box with a big surprise! Why not gift your kids with these kits to teach them how to take care of plants and grow their own vegetables!


6. Ogalala World

Here’s your one-stop shop for all things educational and artistic! They’re the official Philippine distributor of Crayola, National Geographic, and other products! They’ve got products for the budding artist, the builder, the creative inventor, and even the traveler. Their wide range of products are perfect for your kids!


7. Stenlock and Greenkeeps

A great alternative to the plastic and glass baonans are ones made out of stainless steel! They’re light, safe, hygienic, and eco-friendly. You won’t go wrong with this choice for your kids!


8. Patchie’s World

Patchie’s World has got a variety of educational toys for your kiddos! From building blocks and shapes, to playhouses with their vegetable toys, and even handyman sets–their products are great for the little ones to play and learn from!


9. Style Me Little 

Looking for clothes for your little princess? Visit Style Me Little for charming tutus and dainty tops! Your kids will surely wear them for their fashion #OOTDs.


10. La Pomme Party

Want to give something Christmas-y to your nieces and nephews? Boost their creativity by giving them these D.I.Y. Plush Christmas kits! Once they’re done decorating, they can hang them on their Christmas trees, too!


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