Check Out These Cool #BANBFINDS in The St. James Bazaar!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we need to start doing our Christmas shopping! We spent about two hours going around the St. James Bazaar trying to look for the perfect gifts for our families and friends. And look what we found! Here are 16 booths in the St. James Bazaar that you can check out for gifts.

The St. James Bazaar is located at the Cuenca Community Center of Ayala Alabang Village. It’s open from November 24 to November 27, 2016 from 9:00AM to 9:00PM! So what are you waiting for? It’s already their second day today!

1. Country Home

They’ve got decor to make your home look very chic and relaxing! Their blankets and throw pillows come in different colors, prints, and patterns to give your living room and bedroom a pop of color and design. They can either be for you or the little ones. So cute!


2. Kala Milk

Kala Milk’s bath products are made from carabao’s milk. Carabao’s milk has high butterfat content, which gives these products intense moisturizing properties. They use the best ingredients to cleanse the skin, while leaving it moisturized too. These products are not only perfect for adults, but are good for kids who have sensitive skin. Check them out in the bazaar, as they have promos too!


3. The Candleroom

Looking for something to give your mommy friends? The Candleroom has aromatherapy oils, body and massage oils, scented air mists, and handmade and all-natural palm wax candles. These are perfect for women who want to enjoy a relaxing night at home after a hard day’s work!


4. True Citrus Philippines

Crystalized lemons with no calories and no sugar! It’s made from 100% natural ingredients. All you have to do is put one packet of lemon crystals inside your glass of water and it’s instant lemon water! One packet is equivalent to the taste of one wedge. Their booth even has honeystix in different flavors and turmeric powder. The perfect gift for the organic and healthy person!


5. Urban Farm PH

They’ve got cacti, succulents, herbs, and plants to give your house that natural and fresh feel. They come in different sizes, and you can get one of each or have them all together in one pot! How adorable is that? These plants will fit anywhere. You can even teach your kids how to take care of plants. How fun!


6. The Lunch Break Project

These custom made notebooks, gift tags, and stationery will be a great gift to give to those who love to scribble and write down random thoughts. They’ve even got weekly calendar checklists that would be perfect for organized workaholics. Check out the fun prints and patterns too!


7. Corkcicle

Would you like something that can keep your water cold for 25+ hours and keep it hot 12+ hours? Yes please! These canteens are made out of stainless steel, have three layers of insulation, and are BPA and lead-free. They look super chic and cool as well! It’s so easy to bring these canteens around with you. This is the perfect gift for that person who can’t go around without water, and who loves to go outdoors and to the gym.


8. Oli’s Boxship

All you need to know is that it’s a monthly box of craft surprises! All you need to do is subscribe. The girls behind Oli’s Boxship thought about this project to ignite creative play in the little ones. Each month, they’ll be delivering these different-themed craft boxships to your house for your kids to have fun with! How cool is that?


9. Honeycomb Children’s Clothing

Honeycomb’s clothes are super cute and chic for your little girls and boys, ages nine months to seven years old. They’ve got pieces of clothing that are great for your kids when they play outside, and clothes that would make other kids and parents’ heads turn cause they’re just too cute and stylish. Stepping out in these clothes is just like walking down the runway!


10. Ma’am and Mom’s

Are you looking for artsy products for your kids? Ma’am and Mom’s provides non-toxic paint and art supplies to give your kids the freedom to create beautiful art! They also have craft paper, different rollers and brushes, mini canvases, and stencils. You never know, your kid might just be the next Picasso!


11. Ybboh Box

Is your son or husband a fan of Star Wars? How about Doctor Who? Or maybe Pink Floyd? If he is, this booth/online store is the perfect place to buy his Christmas gift. They’ve got cool retro lunchboxes, night lights and even tumblers! They even have funny products like a toilet mug, and collectibles for gamers, music lovers, and movie addicts!


12. Healthy Ideas

There’s tea for everyone! Healthy Ideas is the official distributor of Your Tea and Tiny Tea. Your Tea has been creating different kinds of tea combinations, such as the “Breast Friend Tea,” that helps breastfeeding moms produce a healthy supply of strong, nutrient-loaded breast milk, “Her Tea” helps boost immunity and regulates moods and digestion, “Man Tea” helps promote muscle growth and increases strength, and more!


13. The Happy Project PH

Inspired by their traveling, the owners of The Happy Project PH created pouches and bags that have statements about being brave, positive, and happy. These gifts would be perfect for your sister, brother, and even parents as their products also have funny statements like “May the fork be with you”. It’s super simple and chic, and we love it!


14. Geppetto

These handcrafted, customized woodworks are a total dream for your parents, husbands, and wives! They’ve got customized coasters, serving boards, chopping boards, stainless steel grill sets, and more. Imagine a customized coaster for everyone in the house. How adorable is that?


15.  Sunday Paper

We’re super digging these notebooks and planners from Sunday Paper. They’ve got the any-year planner which is blank and has no dates, different sizes of notebooks that are so easy to bring around, and even a travel journal. The best part is the look, which is just simple and chic. It’s also really light, so you can carry it around–they even have little pouches for it! These will make perfect gifts for the person who loves to travel and bring around notebooks for ideas!



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